Creepy Crawlies

The Fairbanks Museum has been hard at work assembling our locally sourced Creepy Crawlies exhibit, and I’ve personally been tasked with taking care of these fascinating little beings!

Altogether we’ll have gold oak millipedes, dubia roaches, a giant vinegaroon scorpion, and my favorite, a curly hair tarantula. Our town’s own pet store, Aquarealm Aquarium, have truly created a unique opportunity for us by being our main supplier. We’ll find out this week if they can supply us with a blue feigning beetle!

I’m so excited to have adopted these captivating arthropods as my work pets! And the crickets? Well we ran out of feeder roaches and grubs, so these will have to do until we get more. Ps, a vinegaroon scorpion is not indeed a true scorpion, and is in fact an arachnid!


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