Museum Yellow

What a wonderful time of the year for the Fairbanks Museum, and as I recall last summer as a brand-new AmeriCorps Member then, it was also a very short time of year for these luscious, captivating beauties, daylilies.

Turns out there’s a big difference between daylilies, lilies, and tiger lilies:

Daylilies‘ stems and leaves can reach up to 1 foot to 4 feet high, but the flower bloom only lasts a day. They have 6 or 7 stamens, and 2 anthers. Up close you’ll notice the 6 petals are in two layers of three, and the bottom petals are actually the sepals. They do not have spots or speckles.

Lilies look very similar to daylilies, however they specifically have one central unbranched stem from the lily bulb. The leaves also grow just as tall as the flower stem, which can grow from 1 foot to 10 feet tallThey may have the same amount of petals, but actually have 6 anthers compared to the daylilies’ two. And their flower bloom duration? About a week!

You may think a beautiful pink and yellow and orange lily is a tiger lily,  but . . .

Tiger Lilies may have all of these characteristics but no daylily or lily can compare to a true identified tiger lily: they are the beautiful deep orange with speckled brown spots, who are also called ‘true lilies.’

Now I know I have all three kinds of lilies on the wee bit of land I live on!


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