Sabra’s Snapshots Sold

Well what an exciting achievement in my life, Sabra’s Snapshots has now been officially framed and sold during the silent auction at the Feasts with the Beasts annual fundraiser at the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium!

These snapshots were all taken last summer, two while out on field excursions with students, while the close up snapshot I was venturing out on my own.

It was a privilege that Museum staff were asked to contribute items for the silent auction this year. At the Fairbanks Museum, this year our theme isĀ insects! My supervisor Leila’s pinned butterflies had the highest competition of bidders, many other photographs of flowers were lovingly framed and bid on, we had several David MaCauley originals of dinosaurs, and my three submissions of dragonflies were very well received, too!


What an honor it is, imagining these spectacular framed snapshots in three different homes, somewhere along the designated spot on a wall, adding just that right touch of extra beauty to their sanctuaries. This wouldn’t have been made possible without the amazing work of The Framing Format.

It’s so wonderful we met our fundraising goal and then some, knowing those funds will go directly into the care of our collections, the success of our educational programming, and the continuation of the historical, victorian Fairbanks Museum.

Truly, what a treasure!


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