Mooslamoo Mountain

Much adventure was had on this adorably named mountain in what you may very well as define as in the middle of nowhere in Vermont.

Brandon is a little, rich town, surrounded by decades old family farms and ancient forests. Carved on Mooslamoo Mountain are such places as the Falls of Lana and the Overlook at Mt. Horrid – which yes, is as scary look as it sounds. We visited Chris’ childhood summer visit spot- Silver Lake.


I encourage you to visit my instagram page where you’ll find a few more photos of the beautiful flora and fauna along the steep trail of this Vermont mountain, such as this little teenager!


Forest Dale, Vermont was just before Brandon. I’ve known about and spoken about this place for a long time as I’m a fan of the should-be-more-famous Thomas Davenport, so it was a treat getting to pass through the tiny town in which he was born in.

We’ll be visiting Brandon again soon this summer as I’d love to return to the wonderful sitting and swimming spot we found at Silver Lake. It was a hike indeed but so worth every step for the view – and Chris snapped a wonderful summer shot of me!



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