Tomorrow on May 29th

Well, wanting a reason to write at least once more before my favorite month ends, and I’ve got one!

Tomorrow, May 29th, the Discovery Shuttle first docked with the International Space Station, the first flight shuttle to do so! Having launched two days previously on May 27th, the docking took just over five days, while the entire mission, to and from, lasted just over nine days.

You can learn more by viewing the NASA highlight page here, and even your friends at wrote an article about it. It’s important to note as does, that there is no picture of Discovery docking with the ISS – just of the two modules of the time, Zayra and Unity, after Discovery left.¬†The first ever¬†image of a shuttle docking with the ISS is of the Endeavor, released in June 2011.

STS-96 launch from Banana Creek Viewing Site. 1999 - Wikipedia

Why would this matter to me so much? Aside from being a fanatic about all the STEM education and research they conduct on board, aside from the amazing Peggy Whitson setting records for women in space, I want to remind you – I host an International Space Station planetarium presentation called All Aboard the ISS!

So yet again as May comes to a close, there are so many things to be grateful for given all the wonderful happenings and surprises that have occured in my birthday month!

Image credit: Wikipedia



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