Sunrise & Moonrise

Traveling to a conference in Starksboro, Vermont, what I didn’t have time to stop on the side of road for, I saw so, so, so many dandelions. They happen to be some of my favorite flowers, regardless their classification of weeds. Having a birthday in May, they are always a welcome sight to my eyes.

There was a star party held by the Vermont Astronomical Society for our AmeriCorps conference at Common Grounds – my first ever star party! I saw so many things for the first time: Jupiter and the four Galilean moons, two stars we couldn’t identify, the Mizar double star system, galaxies 81 and 82, Vega, the Ring Nebula, and a few meteors pass over head from the Eta Aquarids. Truly, a sight to behold in my eyes.

Traveling back home, very early on in the morning, I snapped a few shots of not just the sunrise over the historically picturesque mountains of Danville, Vermont, but also of the moonrise, too. Third quarter moon!


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