A Day of Mourning

While the month of May brings us so many incredible holidays,

Star Wars Day
Cinco de Mayo
National Nurses’ Day
Free Comic Book Day (this really exists and is acknowledged through most small, locally owned shops)
National Teachers’ Week
Wear Purple for Peace Day
International Museum Day
Victoria Day
International Jazz Day
Memorial Day
and so many others to observe.

Truthfully, there aren’t many holidays I celebrate, let alone enjoy acknowledging, so it should go without saying, Mother’s Day is a day of mourning for me.

You wouldn’t know it without directly asking me – I’m an orphan. It is just a fraction of who I am, but those experiences helped contribute to the growth of the individual I am today. Holidays like these are bitter reminders for a staggering amount of people.

This morning, however, an old friend reached out to me out of the blue to comfort me on this day of all days. The short of it was, “I know you’re thinking of your mom, I know you’re feeling lonely, I love you.”

It was the first time anyone ever acknowledged my existence, and pain, on this holiday. I could feel his love radiating from his message, posted publicly on my facebook wall for all of my connections to see, and was inspired to create this image here for orphans all around the world.


So friends, when you walk into work on Monday, think before you speak. Before you burst out with, “did your mother enjoy your gift?” or “what did you do with your mother?” be sure you know the person you’re speaking to. And, if you aren’t sure about the past or road they’re walking from, hugs and smiles are the kindest forms of caring.

Happy Mother’s Day especially to those who have lost a child or may never have a child, some orphans share both sides of the spectrum.

Much love.


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