May the 4th Be With You!

It’s here! May the Force be with You! Not only did I finally celebrate this Star Wars holiday for the first time in my life, but I had the incredible opportunity to include my students in the ceremony as well!

The inspiration and ideas were easy; the construction, fabrication, and implementation took several afternoons all for a 30 minute segment but was so worth it when two students got a chance to prove their Star Wars knowledge throughout the “what insect inspired this creature?” class.

My slideshow included wonderful images of creatures and the insects that inspired them (or not insects – for example the Kwazel Maw)! We’d discuss quick facts about those insects, then go back to talking about the creature or the creature’s home world (for example the Milodon from Quartzite or Can-cell from Kashyyyk).

Kwazel Maw and Reeksa of course weren’t inspired by insects, and although the latter was based off of a plant in which certainly coordinates with insects, the former was included in my list because I was very limited on choices for displaying video clips of these insects. Out of three worth while clips of video to display during our segment I had these two and of course our grand finale: the nearly indestructible Acklay! Acklay of course was based on the 1961 movie Mysterious Island, but you can’t help but love Star Wars designers gave this giant crustacean looking creature six legs!

Luckily, my friend, a front desk volunteer, took her own pictures because she’s an even bigger fan of Star Wars than I am. She took closeups of my printed out creature images and the puzzles I brought in from home:

This was so much fun to put together. All of the staff at the Museum are older than me so are already fans of Star Wars or certainly appreciate its existence; several messaged me to say they poked their heads in and were really impressed, I know they would have stayed if they could!

In case you’re curious about where I’ve located these items over time here’s the list:
– Two posters, droid and trooper coin banks, and large stuffed BB-8: Walmart.
– Puzzles (and frames): Dollar Tree.
– Absolutely Everything You Need To Know book: our local bookstore that they ordered online!

I hope you enjoy the images and the overall segment I created, I know my students did! While the few who knew about Star Wars thoroughly enjoyed sharing their knowledge of characters (like naming Count Dooku, Jar Jar, and Obi-Wan), it was the students who were unaware of its existence, even younger, who requested “to stay and keep watching Star Wars instead of exploring the Museum!” I didn’t want to say no, but I’m ever grateful I inspired new Jedi Masters… and even the few students who admitted they preferred the dark side of the Force!

Happy Star Wars Day! May the Force be with You!



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