May Madness!

This moment was captured only because a series of other moments were stacked up, coordinated by the universe, that brought me to this place and time to see this with my very eyes – I really wanted to just quickly stop by work to drop something off and rush back home to relax!


The month of May will be incredibly busy for me. Currently, I’m preparing for

May 4th!

We’re in the last session of after school programming for this school year. My Insect Life enrichment meets every Tuesday and Thursday, and every enrichment we (Fairbanks Museum) provides there’s a Museum visit included – I’ve just so happened to set up their visit for the little known May the 4th be with you holiday! I don’t want to give to much away, I should have time this week to make another post about it, so stay tuned! (The hint I gave my students: just how would I tie in Star Wars with Insect Life?)

While AmeriCorps is getting prepared nationwide to meet statewide, my member-led workshop proposal was approved! It’s called, “First Time Space-Science Teachers,” in which I’ll be extrapolating a lot from my own experiences, knowledge, and discoveries now that I’ve been a science educator for a year now.

This will be an incredible step forward in my career. While I may be abandoning my ultimate dream of directing and operating my own orphanage, the stars are calling, and astronomy seems to be the field my path is headed towards!

There’s the summer programs I’ll be preparing for as well, Franklin’s Guides has a great number of new student applicants and of course a healthy dose of returning students. With a living insectarium, butterfly tent, and observational bee hive, their student docent tours are going to be so incredibly phenomenal!

So I may not be as available to post on Snapshots as much as I’d like this month. I do encourage everyone to follow Sabra’s Snapshots on facebook if you would like to continue seeing my Snapshots!

Happy full flower moon on May 10th!



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