Willow and Daphne

It’s an exciting time of year. With all the many different ways to bring on the new, warming, thawing season, here are just a few things I’ve been chirping about:

The Lyrid Meteor Showers are happening! Starting April 16th and lasting until April 25th, the Lyrids will be a spectacular spring stargazing opportunity if you have clear skies in your area. Its peak is expected to be April 22nd through the 25th, look for them towards the Lyra constellation.

The pink full moon just passed us. April gets its moon name from the wild phlox that begins to bloom this time of year. People have said they’ve seen crocuses begin to bloom, and a few farmers I know are already complaining about coltsfoot beginning to spread in their garden beds.

Many migrating birds are returning. I’ve seen the loggerhead shrikes, which are pretty common in our small Vermont towns. Song sparrows have been heard, and we’ve certainly seen our share of flocks of geese and ducks make their way home northward.

Lastly, the Wildflower Table a the Fairbanks Museum is finally brightening up. Making for wonderful opportunities for macro stills, I’m excited to see the rose daphne add a splash of pink to go alongside the beige pussy willows.

Spring is definitely here, our days have slowly begun to lengthen with daylight, and not a single pace has changed with my work! May the blessings be many your way.



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