Honey Bee Art by After School Students

As an AmeriCorps member, I provide after school enrichment, and it has been one of the greatest privileges I’ve ever had with the experience of educating.


Painting the egg cartons, creating our bees, even coloring our flowers took three get togethers before our wall exhibit was complete. For every after school program session students get one Fairbanks Museum visit, so students were super excited to see they had to assemble the exhibit themselves.

Pinning the egg cartons proved difficult for their little fingers but everyone thoroughly enjoyed taking turns to create the hive their bees would call home. I made the branch myself with construction paper, and it should be noted creating our honey bees was in itself a fun challenge: students had to use tweezers to pick up each individual piece of square tissue paper to glue onto their blank bee template. Students got creative with placing their ‘stripes’ and especially placing some of their eyes farther apart to look, well you know, funny!


I wanted students to write on the flowers I created what their most favorite thing about Insect Life was, even after insisting students chose something else, I was touched one student refused to and instead wrote “I liked the teacher and museum.”

The idea for this was indeed inspired by Pinterest searches. So for teachers reading this, take note and get creative! I’m very excited to have been able to have students provide us an exhibit for our Museum visitors, not only is our theme insects this year, but we just received our honey bees for our very own honey bee hive we’ll have on the Fairbanks Museum campus this summer!



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