Meet Our Goldfish

Let me forewarn you first: the two goldfish you are about to meet are just a fraction of the other pet fish we are so lucky to take care of.

This is Shoobie and Red, two lyre tail goldfish. Shoobie was dawned because she is of the Shubunkin species. Red got her name because at the time we had gotten them, we had already named a few other fish after characters from Once Upon A Time, and it seemed fitting given her original snippy behavior before she truly settled into her home (Shoobie had no issue adapting).


Did I mention they are best friends? I don’t just say this because they are the only two fish (besides a small autocat algae eater) in their ten gallon tank. From the moment these two were given each their very own glass “rooms,” one or the other prefers to sleep together – and in the glass on our right – always.


We couldn’t make this up. Now Red seems to have developed a little bit of irritation from the top of her fin – but there’s no real solution to this other than taking their room away from them. The two have doubled in size since we’ve owned them over a year ago, and are bound to continue to grow once we move them up to a bigger tank!

Hope you enjoyed meeting our goldfish. Our other fish – balloon mollies, neon glows, and our plecos – are much smaller or much more active or are much more illusive, and therefore more difficult to photograph!


Please do not link or download or claim these photographs as your own – these are my fish’s souls you’re dealing with – Thanks!



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