Wild Utah: Help Keep It Alive

I gave you something lighthearted for April first, now I’d really like your attention, as always, delivered in short and sweet sentences:

Having recently attended the on-tour presentation, Wild Utah: America’s Redrock Wilderness, I not only learned of the incredibly unbelievably disappointing congressional Utah support, but that yes, the current presidential administration has brought the Dakota Access Pipeline back in operation.

Along with proposing all these ridiculous oil pipelines, come the highways to get to them. Thanks to this presentation, provided by the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, I also learned many of these proposed highways are technically deadends to canyons or actual rivers themselves. It’s absurd at this point I tell you.

Protect Wild Utah!

Here’s the link to the full size image that I would like all of you to share. *

Check out SUWA’s page, learn how everything up to this point is currently legally protected, and how this current administration is doing all it can to undo decades of work done by the people who have dedicated their lives towards preserving sacred land, wilderness, wild life, and especially national parks that people like you and me who want these lands around for the future of our home planet.

Our job is not done. We voted these people into congress and into the senate, write to them to remind and ask them to do their’s by protecting what little wilderness and harmony there is!

* Disclaimer: No logos were used in the making of this graphic.




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