Follow Luna in Taurus

You may remember my post from the beginning of February, Follow the Moon in Taurus. Prepared to talk about this event happening tonight during my Evening Sky show earlier today, I mentioned to my audience that I did infact catch this event happen last month and that it seems to me, as an aspiring astronomer, a pattern is arising!

Luna in TaurusSee full sized image here.

Tonight only for this month get out there to watch our beautiful Moon travel up along the face and horns of the Bull of the skies, the Taurus constellation! Taurus will eventually dip below our horizon around midnight, so be sure to spend a quick, frosty minute out there to take in the view.

If the atmosphere isn’t clear in your area, given the snow squall our region experienced, be sure to download Stellarium on your mobile or tablet device to get all the advantages of stargazing, tracking, and even look ahead into time to make your own future observations with our amazing night skies!

May the force be with you.


2 thoughts on “Follow Luna in Taurus

  1. Last night was a truly spectacular night in the skies. This time of year, the winter’s great stars start to spend most of the early-mid part of the night in the west, so I can see them big, bold, and setting out my living room window. When the moon’s with them, it’s jaw-dropping. Where I was, the moon didn’t just travel through Taurus, but it occulted (blocked out) Aldebaran for a while. March is really a great time for looking at the stars.

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    1. I thought it was great how the Moon was in Taurus, blocking out Aldebaran for my area too, but also how Venus, Mars, and Uranus were all within view, too!


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