Working with NISE

It’s been really exciting having signed up for a grant to apply to receive a free Earth, science, space based toolkit from NISE (the National Informal STEM Education Network). Our hosts, AFGU (the Astronomy From the Ground Up Foundation), have been providing online webinars for us recipients to fully take advantage and implement these wonderful models, projects, resources, tools, exhibits, objects, and more!

Our leader and trainer Anna has been truly encouraging and honestly really impressed me with her first slide presentation – I just love when people have an eye for detail. Here she shared the details of the 250 institutions who received the toolkit:

Here we discussed the meaning, implementations, and ideas of the concept of models in museums, Anna had extrapolated our answers from our homework that was due for this workshop. We also got to do a fun quick astronomy activity called pocket solar system, and if you’ve never done it before here’s a sneak peak!

Then of course, our homework due for our next workshop. We were given four different planets, and must conclude if Kate Rubins would weigh the same, more, or less on them!

I’m really excited to see what will turn out for answers and theories for our homework. There were over 25 people who joined in on the orientation/tech set up webinar last week, but there were nearly 50 people who participated in the live first training workshop yesterday.

A lot of these organizations share very similar missions, interests, goals, programming, and community drive focus. We were also required to respond to an on going forum, simply posting a quick introductory about ourselves. This is where I learned upon reading another recipient’s bio that he is teaching at the same planetarium he once visited frequently as a child, that I, too, am teaching at the only planetarium I had ever been to as a child.

What a fun, chaotic, unpredictable world it is!


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