Junior the Parrot

This is a great story. If you’ve ever been to the Fairbanks Museum, you know there are many, many natural specimens preserved through taxidermy. There’s the famous Nova Scotia Moose, the ever majestic Bison, the 5000+ birds from around the world, the wonderful collection of Bears from Polar to Kodiak, and so many Vermont wildlife creatures from big to tiny there’s too many to count!

When it comes to maintaining their preservation, we can be pretty strict. The chemicals used in the taxidermy process are still there and the lights are all low within the building to prevent long term light damage. So it should go without saying, there’s also no eating or drinking out on the main floor either.

Introducing, Junior the Parrot, the bird who lived inside the Fairbanks Museum!


“Mexican Double Yellow Head Parrot named Junior – – –
Lived at the Museum from 1966 until his death in 1974.”


That’s right! Can you imagine, an adorable friendly parrot flying around, occasionally pooping on the exhibits? We’ve had the occasional bats, squirrels, mice, and random confused bird, but a parrot soaring from the railing of the balcony? I can only imagine the horror our current Collections Manager would express if he was present during that time, even spiders are on his not-allowed list!


I hope you enjoy the snapshots of Junior, which were taken by myself when the Collections Manager was sprucing him up for a new spot within an exhibit. Junior the Parrot is property of Fairbanks Museum.


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