Follow The Moon In Taurus

There’s not much else to it if you’ve read the title – the Moon is passing in front of the Taurus constellation right before our very eyes!


This is a unique time of the year, where the Moon, in its waxing phase, is out in our afternoon skies. Given a nice clear day, you could stop reading this right now, walk outside, and just imagine the Taurus constellation behind the Moon!


You can continue to track and capture the Moon as our beautiful star, the Sun, eventually sets. Depending on what your dinner time is, and again, given a clear night sky, 8:30pm (eastern standard) is a good time to begin to see the Eye of the Bull, Aldebaran, appear just beneath the Moon.



Then, depending on what your bed time is, 10:30pm (eastern standard) will be a great time to view the Moon passing up along the right horn of the Bull.


If you’re interested in tracking the Moon tonight on through February 6th, before it completely moves away from the Taurus constellation, remember you can get out there now. You’ll begin looking East all the way to the West as the night progresses, and the same will be true for February 6th, too.

moon_taurus_tenthirtypm3All images were created in Stellarium.

If you couldn’t tell already, I’m a Taurus fan. I was born in May, therefore hold some kindred liking to the astrological references there are out there. I also love the mythology behind the Bull of our night skies, and admittedly, also enjoy¬†any stories about nymphs and maidens so the myth of Io is no exception.

I do wish it’s a clear, starry night for you to watch this momentous occasion!


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