After School Enrichment: Insect Life

Recently I posted about the two new classes I created and have already begun teaching, The Spider Enigma and the already¬†popular Ancient Insect Mythology, but what’s been taking place since the beginning of January has yet to make an appearance on Sabra’s Snapshots.

I produced and provided Ocean Life After School Enrichment to St. Johnsbury Elementary, Lyndon Town School, and Newark Street School, back in the first semester of this year and if there was one successful activity it was certainly the art projects, specifically, the take-home projects. It meant a lot to the students to get hands on, experience something entirely new, and bring it home with them. It meant a lot to me knowing what I taught them, even if it was only for an hour, captured, intrigued, and inspired them!

Currently, Insect Life After School Enrichment has been rolling along during this season of Session 3 of After School Programs in our locality, and I wanted to share with you what we’ve made so far!

Week 3, Day 5insectprojects1

Week 3, Day 6insectprojects2

Week 4, Day 7insectprojects3

Week 4, Day 8insectprojects4

We meet twice a week currently and it’s been very challenging yet worthwhile watching these young students develop, learn, and adapt to their environments. We do many other things like play Insect Memory Match and read wonderful fictional and nonfictional insect themed books. I’m planning something big for their scheduled Museum visit,¬†and we’ll still be working on our art projects before our finale – so I’ll certainly be following up with all of you!


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