Expedition 50 Spacewalk Live Again!

If you are any fan of NASA, astronauts, space, science, and technology, then you must also be a fan of watching spacewalks live. If you haven’t seen one before, all you need to do to tune in next time is visit the International Space Station’s website. They often have key headlines advertising amazing opportunities to cue in live!

Having been well prepared, and having more than enough time to look forward to, I had every intention on cueing in to watch Shane Kimbrough’s second spacewalk in his career, and especially, Thomas Pesquet’s first spacewalk! The two performed many upgrades and alterations to the space station, including hooking up electrical connections to six new lithium-ion batteries, following up last Friday’s spacewalk upgrades performed by Shane (his first spacewalk) and Peggy Whitson (her sixth).

Now I did have a field excursion first thing this morning, so although I wasn’t able to watch the entire spacewalk, I was able to take some pretty great screenshots of Commander Kimbrough and Flight Engineer Pesquet towards the end of their 5 hour 58 minute spacewalk. And of course, watching Peggy and Oleg Novitskiy pulling the ever bulky suited astronauts in from the Quest airlock gave me enough giggles I’m sure were heard around the office.

All images property of NASA.

Few screenshots from last Friday’s live spacewalk in a new tab here.

All of this just continuously gets me excited to produce and perform my new upcoming planetarium show, All Aboard The ISS! I’m eternally grateful for being able to visually watch these incredible hardworking astronauts out there just beyond our atmosphere. It makes their work that much more tangible to the rest of the world, we too get to experience a taste of space in our own ways, being able to cue in through a computer screen!

With the start of this new year, it certainly is interestingly unclear the direction and path my AmeriCorps career will take me. Will I stay with the Museum? Will I go elsewhere? Will I try to be the decider of my own fate? Will I allow myself to simply go where the wind takes me? What I do know is that the stars are certainly aligning in such a way, both literally and figuratively, with Venus so very present this year, that I am certainly headed in the right direction.



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