Expedition 50 Spacewalk Live!

At 7am astronauts Shane Kimbrough (Commander) and Peggy Whitson (Flight Engineer) of current mission, Expedition 50, ventured for their 6 1/2 hour spacewalk outside the International Space Station!

Watch the live broadcast via NASA here! Broadcast ends 5pm eastern.

Having been so excited to have seen Vermont Astronomical Society’s facebook post about the live spacewalk, I tuned in around 11:30am and watched from then on. At times it was intense, watching the astronauts adjust wires and cables and maneuver along the side of the space station. A favorite part of mine was the end, watching the astronauts waiting to depressurize before fully re-entering from the Quest airlock, and then having to be physically pulled in because those spacesuits are just so big!

At one point it even looked like Shane and Peggy were Signing to each other while waiting patiently to remove their helmets and gear. What an undertaking it looked like de-suiting, dawning on me that their spacewalk timeframe includes having to get all of that essential gear and suits on and back off!

I think above all, my most favorite moment, was watching Peggy playfully fixing her hair. I kept thinking, “it looks great, even after wearing a helmet for all that long!” Watching her pose for a picture with Shane and Thomas was just as momentous, too. What a time we live in, to be able to cue in live to astronauts fixing their own space vessel just above our blue Earth!

Enjoy some snapshots I took while watching the live broadcast. All images are property of NASA.

What an exceptional moment in history for not only the eyes of the world and within the universe, but for the astronauts themselves. This marked Peggy’s near accumulative 40 hours of spacewalk in her experience, and near 19 for Shane’s.

Watching this video for three hours long, and most exceptionally watching the candid moments upon a successful mission complete and incredible job well done, has gotten me really excited to produce and perform my upcoming life half hour planetarium Show, All Aboard The ISS! I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, what a time we live in!


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