It is Winter, and These Are Hummingbirds

This time of year has been rather turbulent for me. Where normally, the pace of life seems to slow for most people I find myself lacking the time to participate in the finer things in life.. like venturing out to photograph the beautiful outdoors!

A super quick assignment asked of me required snapshots of hummingbirds for use of the Fairbanks Museum’s New Year’s Eve Planetarium shows in celebration of St. Johnsbury’s First Night North. While the Museum itself will be going through some exciting exhibit changes and upgrades, the Hummingbird Display will be moving from the main floor to the balcony.

But that isn’t the joy and excitement to be had, getting a chance to have the cases opened for me is one I never pass up. The Collections Manager is the one with the key, and stays present while I (and any photographer) snaps away. Take a look below to view three beautiful hummingbird species I snapped, including their Latin names.

Fun discovery: the two photos of the Racket Tail is the one same specimen. You’ll notice a difference in color on his neck, and if you pay attention to the angle of the shots, you’ll see that his feathers reflect light at different angles!

Do you enjoy can-you-name-it games?
I didn’t realize I snapped a single photo of a fourth hummingbird – as a bonus, can you name the species of the hummingbird featured below?


Comment below if you can name this beautiful golden crested hummingbird species!

I hope you enjoy the photos, I also hope you enjoy my new Sabra’s Snapshots logo that will be better suited for more exciting upcoming snapshots!

These taxidermy specimens are property of the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium.

Stay tuned for more snapshots of artifacts and natural history!


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