Newark, Vermont


It’s that time of year, where the wind blisters our noses and the snowflakes¬†blanket our valleys.

I haven’t made any updates lately due to all the education programming I’ve been providing. Between after school, classes, taking on extra planetarium performances, holiday events, and just straight keeping up with cleaning the house, I’ve been pretty busy!

Fortunately I got the opportunity to snap a couple of captivating pictures before sunset in Newark, Vermont, where the fields are numerous and the snow abundant. With the weather we’ve received so far this early frosty¬†season, I’m sure we’re in for quite a white winter.

Many blessings go out to those trying to survive through the harshness of our world this time of year. I personally have opted out of celebrating this holiday season, but my wishes of good will and hopes of warm nights still extend to all those I know. 2016 has been one rough year, and I just hope we can all pull through these dark times together.

Much love, and happy new year!


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