When the veil is thin, don’t back down.

For the sake of writing and honesty, let me provide you less of a disclaimer and more of an admittance, that I truly, barely understand the meaning of the phrase, “the veil is thin.”

I’d like to believe I understand most of its implications: a moment of time where some worlds can interact with each other more easily than most times. So when your inner voice reads my words, let us forget that we are all beginners at something at some point in our lives. Most certainly, I am embarking on a new crossing point in my journey, and I hope you don’t mind me sharing it with you.

This time of the year, with festivals, harvest, the slow, beautiful decay of our forests, is always very special to someone you know. For me, it was always my mother’s birthday on the second of every October, up until it also became the anniversary of her young passing on the second of every September. For me, it was also not nearly as difficult as you might think for a fifteen year old. I barely knew her, again for the sake of writing and honesty, she was incredibly troubled, so I barely knew her.

Of course now, as we all do in some time or another, and as especially we orphans do best, we either learn to cope and overcome or we falter and surround ourselves with destruction. Of course, there is always the inbetween, middle ground, and unforeseen. But there, those are the most precious moments in time, the most vulnerable, the most open, where intent is quite clear, where the veil is thin, and some of the most curious of unanswerable questions become so obvious.

During this time, and to put it noneother than quite simply, fire seems to be surrounding me, and especially the very nature of its intent. Destructive, volatile, deadly; it ravishes and consumes, but from the left over decay of what once was, is the chance for a new beginning. A new life if you will, a new phase of the new cycle, as the circle continues to spin, so do our questions about life, the universe, and everything. If we are just patient, if we just hold one on more moment, there’s no telling what you may find. And there is where there is a chance of foretelling it.

When the veil is thin, is the greatest time to find your answers. To be guided along the way to what you seek, to achieve your true purpose, to find, quite simply, your way in life. Often, our guides come in such unrecognizable and nearly unheard of forms and ways that the messages sometimes get jumbled or just not heard at all. It is so incredibly fucking difficult to live in this time, in the past, and in the way past, being human and achieving true happiness is an incredible feat to accomplish in one’s tiny, speck of existence.

So try not to ignore the signs, the answers finding your way to you, the incredibly oh so subtle ways these “yes’s” and “no’s” confirm your next step in your own personal incredible journey. For me, I can say the veil is certainly thin, I’m recognizing the signs and the guides, but it doesn’t mean my path is any less clear. Sometimes opening all of these doors, willing to just sit, listen, breathe and be, just isn’t so achievable every single day of our tiny, speck of existence.

But if you do manage to find akin and find your way, tell others you are on your way. Share with them your journey and how you are overcoming all of these obstacles. Keep climbing the seemingly never ending uphill journey, and every now and then, thank your guides for giving a damn about you in the first place.

I know I should, and will.


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