100 Acres Farm

Somewhere, on a truly hidden turn off from a narrow dirt road, miles from any town, is a place called 100 Acres Farm in Danville, Vermont. You can only find this place, or the sharp turn off of the last road to take you there, if you know about it, because even that last road is even more narrow and covered in tall grass. This is a real place, because as you slowly travel about half a mile down this bumpy, grass road you’ll see the vast, spacious, simple park. I bear no picture of proof but there is a quaint, old wooden sign claiming that land for public access.

There are trails no longer really trimmed and brushes now turned to trees cascading just over your head. You’re bound to interrupt some type of little creature or flower patch or web along the once popular foot trails. You’ll find a blue bird feather here, a hawk’s feather there. And underneath all of the lush greens and fallen trees are little wonders of fungus growing along the bottom forest floor. Sometimes there are even little wonders of creatures living on those fungi, too, like a leopard slug!








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