DIY Galaxy T-Shirts

Making our very own galaxy t-shirts during Franklin’s Guides was not only thrilling, but ever lasting with our final results. We quickly discovered that bleach goes a very long way!

1. A 1/4 mix of bleach and water in a spray bottle (1 parts bleach, 3 parts water). We do not recommend increasing the amount of bleach!
2. One t-shirt in your size. We all used black to display the full effects but I can imagine a galaxy t-shirt in my favorite color of navy blue would look just as cool, so give it a try!
3. Outdoor surface in which to spray this bleach. We do not recommend doing this process inside, since this is bleach, but try to pick a nice, windless day for your t-shirts to dry.

1. The first part is where you’ll need to put thought into a design. Use your fingers to pinch a section of shirt, then gently twisting will get your spiral effects. You can make little spiral galaxies or a few large ones. Scrunching your shirt will make ripples, and you’ll notice the bigger the fold the less chance the bleach will touch.
2. Step back and spray your 1/4 bleach water mix onto your shirt just once. The effects of bleach: if you spray a second time quickly, it’ll look like one layer, however if you wait minutes between each spray you’ll get multiple layers. Spraying in close will get more of a dense spot of bleach, whereas barely pressing on the nozzle above your shirt will create wonderful random splatters of bleach.
– Do not over bleach! We can’t say this enough, even with 1/4 parts you’ll only end up spraying your shirt no more than six or seven times.
3. Let your shirt dry on that same surface, and it’s best not to move your shirt during this process. If it is a windy dry we highly recommend using multiple small rocks on the edges of your shirt to keep it down. Let dry completely, but we’re not done. You’ll want to make sure you catch it in this stage after the bleach is dried but before it continues to eat through the fibers. For us in the middle of summer our shirts were done drying within an hour tops.
4. Once dry, wash in cold water with basic soap. I hand washed all of our shirts, because I didn’t mind and it didn’t take me long at all. If you wash these in a machine make sure you are washing your bleached shirts strictly by themselves – you wouldn’t want to get bleach on any of your other clothes!

Dry in the dryer or hang dry, and wear with pride! Enjoy your new starry cosmic t-shirt!







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